Last Thursday, we published our second preliminary report at the City of David Archaeological Conference. Our project was also exhibited  more comprehensively at a special stand at the entrance of the City of David Visitors Center. We  presented several  lectures describing the project and a special PowerPoint presentation with pictures of the site and finds was looped continuously on a large screen. More than 1000 people attended the conference and heard about the Sifting project (some of them for the first time). The lecture at the conference began with a short description of the archaeological destruction that was performed on the Mount as well as the destruction that was happening at the time of the conference (see; see also Haaretz article). Gaby mainly directed his criticism for allowing the destruction to take place  at the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, and  received a strong    applause of support from the audience.  The main innovation in the current report is the result of   research done by sifting site manager, Asaf Avraham, , regarding the identification of polygonal tiles in the  opus sectile style  that were used  to pave the courts  on the Temple Mount.