OK. The lab has caught the seasons greetings fever. Gaby wanted to make a Happy Chanukkah video too! As always, Gaby has to give some archaeological facts, so watch Gaby discuss oil lamps and celebrate the holiday of Chanukkah!

May you all, no matter what holidays you are celebrating, have a season of light and joy.

We have thousands of fragments of pottery that still need to be catalogued, processed, and researched, including all these oil lamps! Please consider donating to our project and helping us make sure that this important information is properly recorded and distributed to the public in an official publication. You can donate here.

Here are some numbers to think about:

832. The number of research hours on First Temple Period pottery (alone) needed in 2017. We also need to research Second Temple period pottery, Roman and Byzantine pottery, Islamic, and Modern period pottery among others.

416. The number of people we need to date $25 in order to cover the costs of pottery analysis for 1 year.

$200. This will sponsor one full week of pottery analysis.

$100. This will sponsor one full week of the drawing of special pottery finds.