Dear friends and supporters of the Temple Mount Sifting Project,

The project is currently undergoing significant developments that aim to advance progress on several fronts: Scientific research and publication of the finds, public awareness of the importance of the Temple Mount heritage and of scientific facts concerning its history, and resumption of the sifting on June 2nd. In order to make all this happen we need your continued support!

Unfortunately, the promise of funding by PM Netanyahu remains unfulfilled and we continue to rely on donations. In addition, our funding needs have increased due to the urgent need to resume the sifting. Approximately 30% of the soil removed from the Temple Mount has not yet been sifted. This soil is under imminent threat from erosion due to exposure to the elements, and to its mixing with other illegal refuse deposits. In addition, a large amount of excavated soil remains on the Temple Mount itself, and in the light of events during the last month of Ramadan (June 2018), we understand that this earth is also in danger and needs to be sifted, after finding a suitable controlled method for transferring it from the Mount.

The project has progressed so far thanks to wide public support, and we are asking you to continue your support until all sifting and research have been completed. Gaby always says that the project’s most important find is its people, and in truth we are only investing so much effort in trying to continue this important work for you.

We hope you will consider continuing your support to the project and help encourage others to join the Temple Mount Sifting Project mission.

Further details are available at our crowdfunding website: