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Find 1908 Round Stone Stick with Incised Letters

Upload Date:2011-02-17
Type Category:Miscellaneous
Presumed Dating:Modern
Description:Round stick made of some kind of black stone, which is soft and light. The stick is pointed at one edge, and the other is broken. Above the round face are two incised signs that seems like letters.


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2012-01-02 10:48:56, Dr Zeev Lewy Geol. Surv. Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

The object is probably an internal skeleton of a cephalopod like a squid known as a belemnite. It received mistical powers and was used as amulets for luck and success. A specimen found in Tiberas (751 AD) with the inscription of an Arabic name was analyzed by me (in press) based on the origin of this belemnite species form northwestern Europe. The present object is corroded and needs to be observed from all sides for possible identification and additional inscriptions. Z. Lewy

2017-02-13 10:16:03, Zachi Dvira Temple Mount Sifting Project, Jerusalem, Israel

These objects (we have many of them) have been found to be slate pens for writing on slate boards. These things are dated to the recent centuries.