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Find 45369 Flint Wrapped with Decorative Lead Cover

Upload Date:2010-11-29
Type Category:Weaponry
Presumed Dating:Ottoman
Description:It reminds flintlocks from 18th century riffles, but we didn't find such an elaborated parallel. The flint itself is worked very fine, and the coating seems too decorated for it to be just a flint lock.


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2010-11-29 19:32:39, Yuval Marcus , Mevaseret Zion, Israel

could be a personal lighter of a Bedoin or other dignitary

2010-11-30 09:04:12, Rivka Rozenbaum Zweig , Israel, Mata

I think it may be a knife for brith mila.

2010-11-30 12:24:49, Archaeologist Zachi Zweig Bar-Ilan University, Mata, Israel

So why will it have a metal wrap?

2011-04-06 04:24:22, Dan Tarr , Madison Twp, USA

perhaps from a dignitary's ornamental pistol, or dueling pistol