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Find 65905 Byzantine Shard with Mysterious Hebrew Writing

Upload Date:2014-01-02
Type Category:Inscriptoins
Presumed Dating:Modern
Description:According to the fabric it should be dated to the Byzantine period. The incised inscription is from recent times. Why should someone write these letters and leave it in the Temple Mount? החרס הוא מהתקופה הביזנטית ועליו חרותה כתובת עברית בכתב מודרני ובה האותיות 'קלע'. למה שמישהו יכתוב את האותיות הללו על חרס וישאיר אותו בהר הבית?


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2016-07-21 14:50:57, MD Daniel Laby SUNY, NY, USA

I see the letters kuf lamed ayin - these letters are often used with names of God or Kabbalah .... perhaps a modern believer found a shard, inscribed the letters and dropped it on the Temple Mount or more likely in your pile?