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Students find Temple-era in fill dumped by Wakf from Temple Mount (24/12/99)

An archaeological atrocity (24/12/99)

Archaeologists protest Wakf Temple Mount digging (7/1/00)

Controversial archaeology student detained for 'pillaging' (18/1/00)

Antiquities Authority names Temple Mount rubble finds (3/2/00)

Treasure Lost (28/1/00)

A-G holds off acting against Wakf Temple Mount construction (23/6/00)

A-G promises to help preserve antiquities (26/6/00)

Archeological destruction (29/6/00)
Rare Temple Mount lintel neglected by Antiquities Authority (5/1/01)
Police: No tunnel being dug on Temple Mount (23-01-01)

Preserve the Temple Mount (23-01-01)

Chief rabbis decry reputed Temple Mount digging (24-01-01)

Court orders review of Temple Mount excavations (02-02-01)
Court urged to halt Mount work (09-03-01)
UNESCO envoy to inspect Temple Mount digs (10-04-01)

The UNESCO fiasco (22-04-01)

Israel cancels UNESCO tour of Jerusalem holy site (27-04-01)

Construction at Temple Mount continuing, panel charges (06-07-01)
Open the Mount to scrutiny (13-07-01)

MKs call for inquiry into Temple Mount construction (13-07-01)

Iran claims Israel destroying Al-Aksa Mosque (06-09-01)

Wakf stopped from working on Temple Mount wall (07-09-01)

Wakf fixing Temple Mount Wall (26-03-02)

Olmert: We must fix Temple Mount bulge (28-08-02)

Editorial: Mounting irresponsibility (28-08-02)
New bulge develops on wall of Temple Mount (10-10-02)