Illegal Temple Mount construction continues : Destruction described as devastating

(IsraelWire-6/28) Prime Minister Ehud Barak has ordered a meeting to discuss the ongoing illegal Temple Mount construction by the Moslem Islamic Trust and Israel Islamic Association. The prime minister continues to come under increasingly harsh criticism for his opting to ignore the devastation on the Mount by the Wakf rather than confront the realities and face possible Islamic riots or worse.

Senior members of Israelís archaeological community and academia have joined the many public, religious and elected officials from all political camps, demanding an immediate halt to the illegal work, as well as insisting that the police and other security agencies cease turning a blind eye and enforce the law they are entrusted to uphold. Barak and State Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein to date have ignored all pleas to intervene, despite the overwhelming proof of the irreversible damage to Judaismís holiest site.

According to a an Israel TV News report, in just one day, some 250 dump trucks carried over 6,000 tons of dirt off the Mount, as another illegal mosque is under construction. Experts explain that debris that was taken to an area dump contains archeological treasures that can never be recovered. Fearing Islamic violence, the prime minister has ignored even the appeals of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), which pointed out the level of devastation by the Wakf construction has not been seen since the destruction of the Second Temple.

Officials of the Israel Police, General Security Service (GSS/Shin Bet), and State Attorney Generalís Office are among those scheduled to attend the meeting with the prime minister. At present, in the wake of mounting pressure, Rubinstein is calling to shutdown the construction by prohibiting heavy construction equipment from operating on the Mount. They are also demanding that all construction be coordinated in advance with the IAA and Israel Police, as prescribed by law. The meeting is currently scheduled to take place on Thursday.

Israel TV has also documented that over past days, the pace of the illegal construction has been significantly increased, perhaps in anticipation of the enforcement of a stop work order.

Addressing Islamic worshipers on the Mount on Friday, Jerusalem Mufti Sheik Arama Tsabari exclaimed that the Wakf has never requested permission from anyone to carryout construction on the Mount and does not intend to do so in the future.