Temple Mount Sifting Project Symposium

In celebration of Jerusalem Day, the Temple Mount Sifting Project will conduct an on-line study session (via Zoom), with a series of lectures on the archaeology of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, presented by the Sifting Project research team.

English Program

Sunday, May 24th, 2020, 16:00-21:30 (Israel Time)

16:00 Yuval Marcus, Live Demonstration of Remote Sifting the Temple Mount Soil

16:40 Zachi Dvira, Adopting to Covid-19 Reality with New Sifting Programs

17:00 Gabriel Barkay, The Story of the Temple Mount Sifting Project

17:50 Recess

18:10 Zachi Dvira, The Archaeology of the Temple Mount During the First Temple Period

19:00 Haim Shaham, The Maccabean Mint in Jerusalem – What the Coins Tell Us Today

19:40 Daniel Shani, Facing God: Burial Eastward of the Temple Mount Throughout the Generations

20:20 Aaron Greener, The Characteristics of the Terracotta Figurines from the Temple Mount Soil

21:00 Yoav Farhi, Names and Symbols: Jerusalem on Ancient Coins of the Land of Israel

Hebrew Program, Jerusalem Day, May 21th, 2020