The First International Academic Conference on New Studies in Temple Mount Research

We are happy to invite you to a unique and very special conference that we're taking part in launching - The First International Academic Conference on New Studies in Temple Mount Research. This is the first time that academic institutions…
Silver half-shekel coin with tripe-pomegranate cluster motive

Giving our Half-Shekel

It's that time of year for giving the traditional charity reminiscent of the half-shekel donation to the Temple. Here's a little calculation of how serious that seemingly simple donation actually was! And some ideas for how to make your own half-shekel donation meaningful.
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Analysis of Clay Sealings Revealed Evidence of the Temple Treasury and the Royal Treasury of the Kingdom of Judah in the First Temple Period

Is not this laid up in store with Me, sealed up in My treasuries?Deut. 32:34 A study we have conducted on dozens of clay sealings recovered in sifting of Temple Mount soil and in excavations at the Ophel Park (adjacent to the Southern Wall…
Saul and Sabina Primer

22 Years Later…

One of the most exciting things (some call them “finds”) in the sifting project are the people who come to sift, and the stories they bring with them. Here, for example, is the story of Saul and Sabina Primer from Kfar Saba, who visited…

– Call for Papers –

- Call for Papers - The First International Academic Conference on New Studies in Temple Mount Research No other site in the world evokes so many feelings, yearnings, curiosity, and as much public interest as the Temple Mount. A mere…

An Important Clarification: We have nothing to do with the new venture My Evven

A new venture called My Evven has been launched online by tourism entrepreneur Uri Steinberg, which markets stones that allegedly originate from debris removed from Waqf excavations on the Temple Mount. The alleged certificate of the origin…

The Educational Value of a Stolen Pot Handle

The last part of the sifting activity is the summary, where the archaeologist on duty picks out a selection of the most interesting artifacts the group has found and arranges them on a tray, gathers the member of the group together and…

Find and Finder of the Month: Yarden Shor discovered an 8th Century CE Arabic inscription

Yarder Shor with a fragment of a Kufic inscription. The find chosen for this month was discovered by Yarden Shor, 7 years old, from Jerusalem, who took part in the sifting project towards the end of this summer. She revealed a piece of a…
School visit at the Temple Mount Sifting Project

Help Support the Participation of School Students in the Sifting

Now that the summer is over, and with incoming tourism still off the board, organized school trips remain as our major way of continuing the sifting. This is where you come in! You may now help fund school students at the sifting.

Find and Finder of the Month: ‘LMLK’ Seal Impression, found by Eliya Danieli

The Danieli family is a familiar sight at the sifting site, returning every year at the start of the month of Av, to connect and feel the soil of the Temple Mount during the days in which the destruction of the Temple is remembered. But…
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Find and Finder of the Month: Ivory Legs Found by Lev Simcha Levi

It has been quite challenging over the past year to keep posting a Find of the Month article each on a consistent basis, considering the slow pace of the sifting  due to the numerous lockdowns and Covid-19 regulations and restrictions.…
A stone die, the first that was found in the sifting project.

Will you be Lucky Enough to Find the next Pur?

The lockdown is over and we're back to sifting! We're of course practicing Covid-19 precautions, with groups of up to 20 (We’re currently looking into allocating separate hours during which we’ll be able to accommodate larger groups, in…