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Unveiling Jerusalem film - poster

French Film Answers the UNESCO Jerusalem Resolution

The film, Unveiling Jerusalem, by the French producer, Pier Rehov, answers the UNESCO Jerusalem resolution. The Sifting Project appears throughout the film. The film can be viewed and purchased at the following link: http://www.unveilingjerusalem.com/          
Yeshurun schoolgirls sifting
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Our New Mobile Sifting Program

The Mount Comes to You Hello everyone, we have some news to share with you. The Temple Mount Sifting Project is renewing its activity outside the lab! For the first time in the history of archaeological research in Israel –the site will be…
byzantine church mosaics
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Treasures in the British Mandate Archives

Happy International Archives Day! Archaeologists spend a lot of time working with the fresh material coming out of excavations, but equally important is an archaeologist’s understanding of what came before. We must know about previous excavations,…
Meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

In Response to the Prime Minister

Press Release: A solution has still not been found for resuming the sifting of the Temple Mount soil Representatives from the Prime Minister’s office have contacted us, the directors of the Temple Mount Sifting Project in order to assess the…
On Channel 2 news
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Powerful Video about UNESCO and the Temple Denial Movement

It is important to respect the narratives of people today, but this needs to be in addition to, and not at the expense of, real history.
Frankie holding an opus sectile she reconstructed
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What a week!

What a week! Second Temple Floors explained at conferences in Jerusalem. Links to video and more info.
reconstructed Opus Sectile tiles from the Temple Mount
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For the First Time, Archeologists Restore Flooring from Second Temple Courtyard in Jerusalem

PRESS RELEASE For the First Time, Archeologists Restore Flooring from Second Temple Courtyard in Jerusalem Tiles uncovered during sifting of earth originating on Temple Mount JERUSALEM, September 6th, 2016 — Archeologists from the…
Egyptian amulet
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Rare Egyptian Amulet Bearing Name of Ancient Pharaoh Found in Earth Discarded from Temple Mount

As the Jewish holiday of Passover quickly approaches, we have has released new information about an amazing find: an amulet bearing the name of Egyptian King Thutmose III. Our story is being shared by news agencies across the world including…
Pottery sherd with etched menorah

Jerusalem Post Report about the Potsherd with the Incised Menorah Design and Our Interpretation

See the Jerusalem Post report about the potsherd with the incised menorah design and what are our current conclusions from it: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Byzantine-era-potsherd-from-Temple-Mount-may-contain-engraving-of-holy-sites-menorah-436965
Scarab imprint Seal announced by Eilat Mazar

Seal Impression of King Hezekiah found with the Assistance of the Sifting Project

Eilat Mazar, who directs the Ophel excavation south to the Temple Mount, announced today that a bulla was found bearing the name of King Hezekiah. This seal impression was found in 2010 in our sifting facility in Tzurim Valley, when we…
Haaretz heading - Uncovering Jerusalems History in the Rubble of Temple Mount

Recent Appearances in the Media and More Responses to NY Times Temple Denial Article

The 10th century BCE Seal and additional finds dating to this period have received wide coverage in the media. First the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Ynet published the story, and it was then picked up by many other websites. In particular…
3000 year old seal with two animals

Special Media Release: Rare 3,000-Year-Old Seal Discovered within Earth Discarded from Temple Mount

Rare 3,000-Year-Old Seal Discovered within Earth Discarded from Temple Mount Seal, dating to period of the Biblical kings David & Solomon discovered at Temple Mount Sifting Project JERUSALEM, September 21, 2015 — A rare 3,000 year-old…