Eilat Mazar, who directs the Ophel excavation south to the Temple Mount, announced today that a bulla was found bearing the name of King Hezekiah. This seal impression was found in 2010 in our sifting facility in Tzurim Valley, when we assisted with wet-sifting earth layers from the her excavation.

Up until recently, the reading of this bulla was ‘יחזקיהו … מלכיהו (Hezekiyahu ?? Maliyahu), but when Reut ben-Ariyeh, who studied the seal impressions from the Ophel excavation, notice a dot between מלכ and יהו and the unclear letter of the second name, then the reading became : Hezekiyah (son of) Ahaz King of Judah

This is the first time that a Judean king seal or seal impression is found by a controlled archaeological excavation!

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