Seal Impression of King Hezekiah found with the Assistance of the Sifting Project

Scarab imprint Seal announced by Eilat Mazar

Eilat Mazar, who directs the Ophel excavation south to the Temple Mount, announced today that a bulla was found bearing the name of King Hezekiah. This seal impression was found in 2010 in our sifting facility in Tzurim Valley, when we assisted with wet-sifting earth layers from the her excavation.

Up until recently, the reading of this bulla was ‘יחזקיהו … מלכיהו (Hezekiyahu ?? Maliyahu), but when Reut ben-Ariyeh, who studied the seal impressions from the Ophel excavation, notice a dot between מלכ and יהו and the unclear letter of the second name, then the reading became : Hezekiyah (son of) Ahaz King of Judah

This is the first time that a Judean king seal or seal impression is found by a controlled archaeological excavation!

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