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Special Gala Event Showcasing New Discoveries from the Temple Mount Sifting Project Research

Dear All, Since the beginning of the war, we’ve received many messages from our friends abroad expressing their concern for our welfare. Thank you all for the warm messages, it encourages us and fills our hearts. As the war erupted, four…
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A Glimpse into the Difficulties of Conducting Archaeology in Jerusalem

Three weeks ago, we transferred more of the Temple Mount debris piles to our sifting site, which were buried in the upper terraces of Emek Tzurim. Unfortunately, we had to leave a lot of the soil behind to preserve the terraces and the trees. Here's…
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An Important Letter from the Temple Mount Sifting Project

The story of the Temple Mount Sifting Project is your story just as much as it is ours. Ever since its founding, the project has continuously relied upon people just like you. It is our many followers, supporters and volunteers who play a vital…

The Archaeology of Archaeology

The term ‘archaeology of archaeology’ may not be that common, but that’s what we did last week. Occasionally, archaeologists carry out excavations at sites that were created as the result of previous archaeological activity. Generally,…
School visit at the Temple Mount Sifting Project

Help Support the Participation of School Students in the Sifting

Now that the summer is over, and with incoming tourism still off the board, organized school trips remain as our major way of continuing the sifting. This is where you come in! You may now help fund school students at the sifting.
A stone die, the first that was found in the sifting project.

Will you be Lucky Enough to Find the next Pur?

The lockdown is over and we're back to sifting! We're of course practicing Covid-19 precautions, with groups of up to 20 (We’re currently looking into allocating separate hours during which we’ll be able to accommodate larger groups, in…
Opus Sectile reconstruction at the Temple Mount Sifting Project
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Check Out Our New Beautiful Reconstruction of Herod’s Temple Courts Colorful Floors

We’ve just recently installed at the sifting site at Mitzpe Hamasu’ot a new reconstruction of the colorful floor that decorated the courts of Herod’s Temple. Since we published a preliminary report several years ago on the reconstruction…

We’re in the Top 10% of Attractions Worldwide!

You haven't heard much from us for a while since we've been very busy - having been inundated by visitors during the last month, which was totally different to all we've experienced since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The sifting…
Special finds from the TMSP

The Temple Mount Sifting Project Between the Straits

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the sifting site at the Masu’ot Lookout has been perhaps the only archaeological site in the country that did not halt operations in response to the situation. With limited staff and local volunteers,…
Ad for remote sifting

Join the Remote Sifting!

Would you like to travel to Israel and personally discover Jerusalem’s glorious history - but are stuck at home because of the virus? Then try the next best thing! The Temple Mount Sifting Project is now offering “Remote Sifting”! “Remote…
screenshots of remote sifting sessions

Expanding Our Sifting Possibilities in Accordance to Covid-19 Limitations

The Temple Mount Sifting Project is continuing its operation and is expanding! Despite the situation in which we find ourselves due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided not to shutdown, but to keep on going!   How can you help? ✅…
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Passover Update

We are all facing troubled times. Here at the Temple Mount Sifting Project we have chosen to continue sifting, even without guests or volunteers. We want to keep the fire burning, a sort of eternal flame. The present situation is forcing all…