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Would you like to travel to Israel and personally discover Jerusalem’s glorious history – but are stuck at home because of the virus?

Then try the next best thing!
The Temple Mount Sifting Project is now offering “Remote Sifting”!

“Remote Sifting” is a unique, first-time-ever archaeological experience, which enables people all over the world to remotely participate in the sifting of the soil of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – via a live online video interaction with the archaeologist on-site.

The Remote Sifting activity lasts about half an hour, and is conducted in the following steps:
• Initial introduction to the accompanying archaeologist and a short explanation of the activity.
• Choosing a bucket of soil to be sifted and placing it into the sifting screen.
• Washing off the dirt together with the archaeologist.
• Examining the objects remaining on the sifting screen, and gathering the artifacts found therein.
• Receiving the archaeologist’s explanation of the artifacts found during your activity, and a presentation of the finds of the week.
• Q&A with the Archaeologist.

Come join in the discovery of Jerusalem’s history, without having to leave your home!
Click here for booking and further details

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