Help Support the Participation of School Students in the Sifting

School visit at the Temple Mount Sifting Project

Now that the summer vacation and holidays are over, and with incoming tourism still off the board, organized school trips are our main standby for continuing the sifting.

These trips serve a twofold educational purpose: Not only do the students join our mission of salvaging the antiquities of the Temple Mount, but the activity along with the introductory lecture have also proven to impart a large amount of historical and archaeological knowledge within a short period of time. The sifting’s hands-on experience provides a tangible connection to the past at the premiere heritage site of Jewish and Israeli history and leads to enhanced student engagement (not to mention the prospect of discovering important artifacts).

Due to the pandemic, Israeli schools now have a higher number of days set aside for field trips, but budget constraints keep many schools away from paid sites. We’ve recently been given a donation to subsidize the participation of 1,200 schoolchildren at the sifting, and within less than two weeks all slots were filled, with many schools on the waiting list, waiting to hear from us if and when more subsidies will be available. This is where you come in! Our fund-raising site has a new option of an earmarked donation; if you or anyone you know is looking for a worthy cause to donate to, you may do so through clicking this button:

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