Mysterious Objects

Among the many artifacts found in the Sifting Project, are several unique objects which we find difficult to identify, to properly understand, or to interpret in terms of their function and their historical part in the story of the Temple Mount.

Below are samples of such unique objects, which we have linked to our special Unidentified Objects Website Forum, presenting a wider collection of such artifacts.
Although we have numerous theories regarding most of the objects presented here, they are not necessarily better than your suggestions. In order to allow “out of the box” thinking, we made sure to provide only the basic information regarding each artifact. For all objects the same basic questions apply:
A. What is the object?

B. What was its use? Who used it? Was it restricted to a particular group or was it widely used?

C. In what time period was it used?

D. Are you familiar with a similar object elsewhere?

E. Regarding inscribed artifacts, how would you read the inscription and how would you interpret it?

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