A silver Akçe of Bayezid II, minted in Bursa (Turkey).

Bayezid II, ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1481 – 1512.Famous for opening the gates of his empire to the Jews expelled from Spain and who taunted Ferdinand and Isabella for impoverishing their empire only to enrich his, also strengthened the Ottoman army by introducing firearms and building a sizable navy, enabling his successor to conquer the Mamluk sultanate, and the Temple Mount with it.

Obverse: سلطان بازيد \ بن محمد حان\ عز نصرة (Sultan Bayezid ibn Han Muhammad)

Reverse: حلد ملكه\ برو سه\ ٨٨٦ (886 Hijri – Bayezid’s year of accesion)

Date: 1481–1512

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