A Copper-Nickel Para coin of Mehmed V

Mehmed V was made sultan in 1909, after the deposition of his brother, Abdul Hamid II, his reign saw the death throes of the Ottoman Empire, as more and more of its former glory was taken up by world powers. In a final disastrous move, Mehmed joined in WWI, though he passed away before seeing the defeat of his chosen side.

Obverse: Mehmed V’s Tughra (official monograph) surrounded by stars, to right: رشاد (reshad) beneath : سنة ٢ (year 2)

ReverseCenter : ٥ باره Legend around: ضرب في دولت عثمانيه قسطنطينية In exergue: ١٣٢٧ (Ottoman State, Struck in Constantinople, 5 Para, 1327).
Date: 1911/191