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Crusader – Ayyubid Period (1099 -1250 CE)

Most of the pottery dated to the Crusader Period (12 century CE) belongs to types prevalent in other regions of the country as well as the Lebanese coast, all within the realm of the first Crusader Kingdom whose capital was Jerusalem. The assemblage is dominated by bowls and comprised for the most part of locally produced vessels. These are made of reddish-brown clay covered with a light-colored slip upon which yellow or green glaze was applied. Some bowls are decorated with Sgraffito characterized by reddish-brown carvings incised into the background glaze. Slip Painted Bowls are also common in the assemblage. These consist of bowls with designs (usually a star shape) painted on white slip and then covered with transparent yellow or green glaze that reveals the painted design on the dark background of the unslipped clay. In addition to the locally produced reddish-brown wares common in the assemblage, some imported types are also attested. These originated in the Byzantine/ Aegean world and are identifiable by their light-colored clay; although they, too, are slipped and glazed with a yellowish or transparent finish.