We would appreciate it very much if any of you could mediate us with communities in the U.S. that would like to invite us to speak about our the Temple Mount Sifting Project in our upcoming tour to the U.S. You may use the information below:

Archaeologists Dr. Gabriel Barkay and Zachi Dvira and other members of the Temple Mount Sifting Project in Jerusalem will be in the United States from mid-April until late-May updating groups on recent developments at the project and research of its finds. This project involves the sifting of 400 truckloads of soil saturated with archaeological artifacts from all periods in the history of Jerusalem which were removed from the Temple Mount and dumped in the nearby Kidron Valley in 1999. The finds that were gathered in the past ten years of sifting are the first ever archaeological data that has come from within the Temple Mount soil.   Click here for a short video about our project.

After working for over ten years to reveal the archeological secrets which were buried in the Temple Mount soil, we are at a critical stage of research and publication of hundreds of thousands of artifacts that have been uncovered.  The analysis and preparation of these finds for publication is an enormous task that requires diligence and the expertise of many scholars. Our goal is to publish a formal archaeological report on the Temple Mount finds, through which we will share our new understandings with the world.  Currently, we are lacking funds to complete this task.

We are currently arranging speaking engagements with interested individuals and potential donors at Community Centers in your area.  If you would be interested in this, please contact us at tmsifting@gmail.com.

For further information about the Temple Mount Sifting Project, please visit our weblog or our Facebook Page.
Zachi Dvira (Zweig)
Temple Mount Sifting Project
Email: tmsifting@gmail.com

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      TMSP says:

      yes, we will be there since April 19th to May 16th. Currently, all the event we are invited to at that area are closed events.


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