Wrapping Up First Temple Period Pottery

We’re nearly there, and with just a little more of your help, we’ll be able to reach our donation drive goal. Our benefactors are waiting to QUADRUPLE your donation.

Your donation will enable us to complete research regarding pottery from the First Temple, Late Roman, Byzantine and Early Muslim periods, and coins from all periods. We will able to publish two preliminary reports and advance the research in many more areas. This may strike the non-archaeologist as dreary, but you should know that pottery analysis is the core of the archaeologists’ work, from which most meaningful insights are derived.

Early 1st Temple Period pottery sherds, dated 10th-9th Century BCE

Remember, in the archaeological world, unpublished artifacts might as well not exist at all.
We are also looking for sponsors for our community sifting program. You can sponsor a full 3-day school program for $3600 or partially subsidize a program for a school with limited resources (make sure to fill out the comments section in the donation form and let us know to where we should direct your funds).

Donate now at: half-shekel.org

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