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screenshot of virtual exhibition

Check Out Our New Virtual Exhibition

For all those who couldn't attend our exhibition that was displayed at the new sifting site’s grand opening last year, we've made a virtual exhibition available for you on our website. The artifacts displayed are just glimpse of what was found…
Elkin sifts the first bucket
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Marvelous Opening Day

Well, it's been a week since our grand (re)opening and we're still catching our breath. The preparations were hectic, but boy, was it worth it! We would like to thank to everyone who came to show their support, as well as those who couldn't…
sorting artifacts for the opening exhibition

Complete Pandemonium Towards the Jerusalem Day Exhibit

Hey there, Ladies and Gents! So, the lab is in complete pandemonium and we have been working around the clock to prepare the Jerusalem Day exhibit. When we scheduled the opening of the new sifting site to the first Sunday in June, we were…