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Find and Finder of the Month: Elroi Levi Found a Flint Side-Scraper

Sometimes, we simply don't know. The flint tool you see in this photo is really old. But just how much is "really old"?Let's take a step back to what we do know. Pictured here is Elroi Levi, who joined his dad at work one day during Passover…
Mycenean painted potttery sherd

Mycenaean Imports Early in Jerusalem’s History

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Finger-shaped fragment of Egyptian statue

Is this Egyptian statue fragment the last artifact to be shared with you?

3500 year old Egyptian statue fragment found in Temple Mount soil?
Hillel holding a cake decorated with ancient Hebrew writing
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Hillel Richman: Just a Slice of Humble Pie

Pottery researcher Hillel Richman studies Iron Age and First Temple pottery and loves rare finds. Staff spotlight of the month.

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Before the Iron Age II (4500 – 1000 BCE)

Only a small percentage of pottery (about 0.5%) predating the Iron Age, the First Temple Period was identified. Most of this pottery dates to the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 1950-1550 BCE). An imported piece of Mycenaean pottery, which came by way of the Aegean Sea in the 14th century BCE (on the left). A Late Bronze pot shard with painted decoration.