Meet the Team Mondays: Daniel Shani

Daniel Shani is one of the full time staff members here at the Temple Mount Sifting Site, and can usually be found in the lab conducting research, and occasionally giving tours on-site. Daniel was raised in the town of Maale Adumim, but currently…

Meet the Team Mondays: Esther Esquenazi

Esther Esquenazi - Esther grew up in Upstate New York, but is more recently from the town Elazar. Esther graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in History, and a minor in Education. In addition to studying public history, Esther extensively…
Uriel Prince

Meet the Team Mondays: Uriel Joshua Prince

Uriel Joshua Prince - Uriel made Aliyah with his parents and six siblings from Monsey, New York, to Jerusalem. Following completion of high school at Hartman, Uriel attended the Hesder Program of Yeshivat Ma’alot. After his time in the yeshiva,…
Gabi with the holocaust torah scroll

A Baby, a Cradle, and a Torah that survived the Holocaust

The story of how Dr. Barkay survived the Holocaust with the Torah scroll hidden in his cradle.
Zachi sifting with young volunteers

Zachi Dvira: How Did We Get Here?

A look into the life of director Zachi Dvira
Peretz Reuven
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Peretz Reuven: Islamic History Recorded

Staff Spotlight hits Peretz Reuven, expert in Early and Late Islamic Cultural Heritage
Hannah Ripps and Renata Roitman

The Israel Experience

MASA interns Renata and Hannah help the Temple Mount Sifting Project in the lab with PR and Research.
Jennifer with mosaic stones in a bucket
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Jennifer Greene: Staff Spotlight: September

I love writing the Staff Spotlight segments because I get to share with you the wonderful people I get to work with every day. Also dice and Jerusalem archaeology!
Hillel holding a cake decorated with ancient Hebrew writing
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Hillel Richman: Just a Slice of Humble Pie

Pottery researcher Hillel Richman studies Iron Age and First Temple pottery and loves rare finds. Staff spotlight of the month.
Hands sifting over a sifting net
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Beverly Ungar: Archaeology – A Lifetime of Love

“This is a perfectly wonderful, normal, regular stone. Well done!” Have you seen one of our green-shirted staff members patiently teaching one of our youngest volunteers? This was probably Beverly.
Aaron Greener
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Aaron Greener: It Figures: TMSP Staff are Experts in their Field

Aaron Greener has been part of the Temple Mount Sifting Project (TMSP) staff since the project's inception. He has held various positions over the years, but you may remember him as site archaeologist and guide, or fantastic lecturer.
Noa Nevo
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Noa Nevo – National Service Doing the World a Service

Staff Spotlight: May Have you met Noa? Noa is our Bat Sherut this year at our sifting site in Emek Tzurim National Park, meaning that she is doing her National Service by working with our project. She is a very meticulous and focused sifter,…