Media Reports about the Coins

Roman coin with Caesars head

Tonight Israel Broadcast Association – Channel One, will have a news report about the coins, at 21:00 Israel time.

It can be watched live on the web at:


Following is a list of links to reports in some news websites:

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  1. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    I have just returned to the USA from Israel where I am an archaeologist on staff at the excavations at Tel Gezer. My dig ended on July 19 and I had time to remain in Israel for a few weeks afterward. I had the good fortune to visit the Temple Mount Salvage Project and to meet the staff and volunteers who have been dedicating their time and efforts to this cause. I managed to come to the project 3 days and to participate in the project. All the work I did was extremely important and I felt a part of the project from all the staff there, as well as being welcomed for my time. I am a coin specialist and it was my delight to find a coin during my third day at the project. The coin appeared to be a Hellenistic Seleucid coin, probably 2nd-1st century BCE and prior to the destruction of the 2nd Temple though it did need extensive cleaning for identification. I will return to help at the project when I am in Israel again as this is one of the most important projects I have been attached to, as well as one of the most fullfilling. Ken Miller, Tucson Arizona


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