The First International Academic Conference on New Studies in Temple Mount Research

We are happy to invite you to a unique and very special conference that we’re taking part in launching – The First International Academic Conference on New Studies in Temple Mount Research. This is the first time that academic institutions in Israel dedicate a whole conference to the study of the Temple Mount.

The Sifting Project is going to present in the conference two new papers. The first, by Frankie Synder, will update on new understandings regarding the traits of the salvaging of Opus Sectile tiles from Herodian sites (in later periods), and how it helped to better understand the tiles that were recovered in the sifting of the Temple Mount dirt and the reconstruction of their patterns. The second paper, by Zachi Dvira and Gabriel Barkay, will deal with an essential question which the sifting project has been confronted with since it initiation: the source of the soil accumulations in the eastern area of the Temple Mount. This question has direct implications on the archaeological significance of the dirt we are sifting.

In addition, Peretz Reuven, a researcher in the sifting project, will also present his research about the iconoclasm of figurative art remains in Roman and Byzantine relics on the Temple Mount.

Besides these papers there will be many excellent presentations on a variety of topics, including some completely new findings that haven’t been published yet.

Please notice that participation (including Zoom) in the conference requires initial registration with a symbolic fee, through the Begin Heritage Center website at this link.

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  1. Tatyana
    Tatyana says:

    During the conference it was mentioned in the zoom chat that a recording will be made available on the Begin Center’s YouTube channel. Do you know when that will happen? The talks were very interesting but I missed parts of some and would love to listen to them again. Thank you.


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