Crusader geometric floor patterns
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Isn’t it nice to feel validated?

New images from the Dome of the Rock after renovations validate research. Crusader floors and patterns still in use today!
Illegal Construction by the Waqf on the Temple Mount

Awaqf Casting Concrete into Ancient Sewage Tunnel

Again, the Awaqf allowed construction at the Temple Mount without any archaeological supervision. This time it was just south to the Dome of the Rock where concrete was cast into an ancient sewage tunnel at the southern edge of the raised platform.…
New York Times heading - Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalems Holiest Place

The New York Times Joins the Temple Denial Movement

Unbelievable! Temple Denial agenda is taken seriously by the New York Times. Rick Gladstone published a stupid article interviewing serious archaeology scholars as if they really doubt that the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) is the location…
Opus sectile floor on the Temple Mount
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A Brief Report about Carpets Replacements and the Floors in the Dome of the Rock

Among the finds from the Sifting Project are hundreds of opus sectile (Latin: “cut work”) paving tiles that can be traced to various time periods on the Temple Mount – Herodian/Roman, Byzantine, Early Islamic, Crusader, Later Islamic and…
Opus Sectile floor revealed under a carpet on the Dome of the Rock

New Information from the Exposed Floors of the Dome of the Rock

The carpets of the Dome of the Rock and Solomon's Stables were recently replaced. Pictures that were taken this week of the exposed floor of the Dome of the Rock and the cave beneath it revealed new fascinating information. Some old tiles were…
Waqf digging channels for sewage systems on the Temple Mount

Significant improvement of the enforcement and supervision of the Israeli Antiquities laws on the Temple Mount

Since the summer of 2007 we have witnessed a positive trend concerning the enforcement of the antiquities laws, and the Israel Antiquities Authority’s (IAA) supervision of construction work on the Temple Mount. An especially significant improvement…
Course of Ashlar stones at the bottom of a wall

More Details about the New Course of Ashlar Stones at the Bottom of the Raised Platform Northern Wall

Leen Ritmeyer, archaeologist and architect expert of the Temple Mount, published a post in his blog referring to the new discovered course of ashlar stones at the bottom of the raised platform northern wall that we published here in a report…
Freshly excavated soil on the Temple Mount

Report on Latest Waqf Works on the Temple Mount

The final report of State Comptroller concerning illegal activities on the Temple Mount that was written in 2010 states that all the lessons from the draft (written in 2008) were learned, and now oversight of the Temple Mount has greatly improved.…
Digging trench on Temple Mount

A new small scale trench near the Dome of the Rock

Yesterday the Waqf began a new small scale construction dig just a few meters from the northwest side of the Dome of the Rock. The purpose of the work was to expose an old water pipe in order to replace it. Today we visited the site and found…
News Item - Debris removed from Temple Mount sparks controversy

An Extensive Article in the Jerusalem Post about the Debris Removal

Following the tour we conducted yesterday for journalists, Melanie Lidman from the Jerusalem Post published an extensive article about the debris removal from last week. In this article, the police spokesmen is quoted saying: “Antiquities…
Dismantled section of Eastern wall
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A Tour for Journalists on the Temple Mount and Major Problems in the Eastern Temple Mount Wall

Yesterday we conducted a tour for journalists on the Temple Mount which focused on the issues mentioned in our report concerning the antiquities destruction on the Temple Mount during the past 3 years. We examined the debris heaps in the location…
Following the truck

It Appears Our Outcry Succeeded in Stopping the Earth Removal

The story of the debris heaps removal from the Temple Mount was widely covered by the Israeli media last week. As a result of following one of the trucks, we discovered the material was being deposited at an illegal dumping site (Fig 1). Evidently,…