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A Piercing Insight Into Ancient Beads

When coming into the sifting site, groups are shown into a gallery where a few of our finds are displayed, and our guides are presented with a tough choice – with limited time, which do you point out and discuss?  Personally,…
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Find and Finder of the Month: Ivory Legs Found by Lev Simcha Levi

It has been quite challenging over the past year to keep posting a Find of the Month article each on a consistent basis, considering the slow pace of the sifting  due to the numerous lockdowns and Covid-19 regulations and restrictions.…
group visit to the lab

Better Than A Museum

Visit Us! Come visit us in our research lab! We miss you! For our supporters, we are offering tours of our research laboratory where you can see all of our special finds and learn about them from one of our expert archaeologists. It is one…
Beads found in the sifting project

Give Me Beads!

Happy Mardi Gras!
pearl bead and square mother of pearl inlay both found on the same day
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Find of the Month: Mother of Pearl Bead and Inlay – Eitan & Amichai Strik

Two brothers find a mother of pearl bead and inlay. Mother of pearl pictures and history. What's it doing on the Temple Mount?

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Iron Age II Gold Bead Made in Granulation Technique

This gold bead, created using the granulation technique during the Iron Age, measures 6mm in diameter and 4mm in height. Its excellent preservation highlights the enduring nature of gold. The granulation technique, involving intricate processes…