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Find and Finder of the Month: Alexei Vishnyakov Found a Crusader Opus Sectile Tile

Alexei Vishnyakov from Russia uncovered evidence of Crusader tiling in the Temple Mount. We haven't had a "Find & Finder of the month" post for a while now. We're happy to report that we’re slowly coming out of the pandemic slump,…
Police on Temple Mount

Seeking Good in Temple Mount Terror Tragedy: Opportunity for Archaeological Discovery?

Police searching for hidden cache of weapons a unique opportunity to record hidden archaeology of Temple Mount?

Early Islamic Destruction Layer?

Artifacts from Early Islamic Period may be from 658 CE earthquake.
Arabic wall inscription
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Nuba Inscription Identifies Dome of the Rock with Jewish Temple

Ancient Arabic inscription bears witness to the fact that the Dome of the Rock structure was originally named 'Bayt al Maqdis' referring to "The Holy Temple."
Dome of the Rock on Mother-of-Pearl Inlay

Find of the Month: Dome of The Rock Inlay on Pearl – Hadassa Amiri

Mother of Pearl with engraving of the Dome of the Rock found by a volunteer at the Temple Mount Sifting Project.
Crusader geometric floor patterns
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Isn’t it nice to feel validated?

New images from the Dome of the Rock after renovations validate research. Crusader floors and patterns still in use today!