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Modern bracelet found in the sifting - looking for owner

We don’t usually do this because our artifacts belong to the State of Israel, but we are turning to Social Media to find the owner of this gold bracelet. It was lost on the Temple Mount at some point before 1999 and found in our sifting. Based on the name and style, it is modern and the owner may still be out there! Share this picture and this post so that we can find the owner. (We covered the name on it so that the owner can prove that it is theirs.)

Details: 10K gold. A girl’s name written in English letters. It is very small and may have belonged to a child. It was lost on the Temple Mount before 1999.

The bracelet is worth about $100. Maybe we will find the owner and then they’ll support our research in thanks!

(The shekel is to show scale.)

covered bracelet copy.jpeg

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  1. ssoncaroline
    ssoncaroline says:

    Weirdly, one of the visitors last month, i.e. In November, mentioned her sister or sister in law having lost a gold … ring?… bracelet? … on the Temple Mount, years ago. I joked that the only gold we found tended to be tiny flecks of gold leaf on tiny mosaics, other than the extremely rare Napoleans, (which were the coinage of divorce payouts, in the last century, per Gabi.)

    Tho I did volunteer that we’d keep our eyes open. That if it was in the pile, for sure we’d find it.

    No way I can pin down the time she made the statement.

    Weird, hunh?

    Shoshana Sent from my iPad


    • greenej27
      greenej27 says:

      For sure! Hopefully we will find the girl or woman who lost it and we can get it back to her. Maybe it was this lady’s sister!


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