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Unique Weights Discovered in Temple Mount Soil Suggest Presence of Byzantine Church

Recently, the Temple Mount Sifting Project (TMSP) has completed the research and publication of two unique Byzantine coin weights discovered in the sifting. The two weights are of the very rare four keration denomination (about 0.6g). The first…

Find and Finder of the Month: A Rare Gold Bead from the First Temple Period found by Binyamin Milt

Binyamin Milt from Jerusalem who found the Gold Bead. Because of the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions over the past few months, it took a while until we managed to go over the multitude of artifacts found in the sifting over August. We…

Early Islamic Destruction Layer?

Artifacts from Early Islamic Period may be from 658 CE earthquake.
Modern bracelet found in the sifting - looking for owner

Help Find the Owner!

Gold Bracelet Lost on Temple Mount. Share to Find Owner.
Peretz Reuven
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Peretz Reuven: Islamic History Recorded

Staff Spotlight hits Peretz Reuven, expert in Early and Late Islamic Cultural Heritage

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Iron Age II Gold Bead Made in Granulation Technique

This gold bead, created using the granulation technique during the Iron Age, measures 6mm in diameter and 4mm in height. Its excellent preservation highlights the enduring nature of gold. The granulation technique, involving intricate processes…