Israel Hayom 29.6.2012 entitled Mikvah from Second Temple under El Aqsah

Article in Israel Hayom about the Sifting Project

Israel Hayom published today an article about the TMSP new discoveries in the recent years. It is short but gives a good summary. See link no. 14 in the Selected Media Reports panel on the left. p.s. We are currently working on a new comprehensive…
figurine fragments from the sifting

Finds from the First and Second Temple Period city dumps at the Eastern slopes of the Temple Mount

Two years ago we reported here about our random discovery of the First and Second Temple period city dumps at the Eastern slopes of the Temple Mount. Tomorrow we are going to publish a preliminary report about our finds from these dumps at the…
Roman coin with Caesars head

Media Reports about the Coins

Tonight Israel Broadcast Association - Channel One, will have a news report about the coins, at 21:00 Israel time. It can be watched live on the web at: Following is a list of links to reports…
Opus sectile marble slab sections

Temple Mount Pavements During the Herodian Period

Assaf Avraham, the manager of the sifting  site, has conducted a research regarding the pavement technique of the Temple Mount during the Second Temple period. He displayed his very interesting and innovative results in the 13th conference…