Yarden Shur Arabic Engraved Tile

Find and Finder of the Month: Yarden Shor discovered a fragment of an 8th Century CE Arabic inscription engraved on a marble tile

The find chosen for this month was discovered by Yarden Shor, 7 years old, from Jerusalem, who took part in the sifting project towards the end of this summer. She revealed a piece of a marble tile, bearing letters of the Kufic script, which is the earliest form of Arabic, named after the city of Kufa in Iraq. On the basis of a preliminary examination made by Archaeologist Peretz Reuven - who is a member of our research lab team and an expert on the early Islamic period - it appears to be dated to the rule of the Umayyad Dynasty (661-750 CE). It was this dynasty which reconfigured the Temple Mount as an Islamic holy compound and erected its main structures - The Dome of the Rock (691 CE) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque (705 CE). For this reason, it seems appropriate to date the inscription to the end of the 7th Century or the beginning of the 8th Century CE.

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