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New Substantial Discoveries in Past Waqf Excavations on Temple Mount

Last Thursday, I gave a lecture and published an article in the annual New Studies on Jerusalem conference of Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies in Bar-Ilan University. Following is the abstract of the article:   New Information…
Analysing statistical data from the sifting artifacts

Analyzing Prevalent Finds from the Temple Mount Using Control Groups

      One of the major tasks in our project is to develop ways of overcoming the absence of an archaeological context for the artifacts.  A common method to address this obstacle is to date and study artifacts…

New Article in BeSheva about the Sifting Project

BeSheba weekly newspaper has published an extensive article about the sifting project and the story of how it all started. Here's the link:
Yael and Shmuel engagement photo

The earth of the sifting project has created two Humans (ADAMS)

In Judaism, a person is considered complete  only after marriage. For this reason, one of the  seven blessings recited at  the wedding and  the week after is: Blessed are You Lord our God Ruler of the World, Creator of…
Opus sectile marble slab sections

Temple Mount Pavements During the Herodian Period

Assaf Avraham, the manager of the sifting  site, has conducted a research regarding the pavement technique of the Temple Mount during the Second Temple period. He displayed his very interesting and innovative results in the 13th conference…
Labor party secretary MK Eitan Kabel at the sifting

First Knesset Member to Sift the Earth of the Temple Mount

Last Wednesday, we had a very surprising visit from Labor party secretary, MK Eitan Kabel, who came with his family  to see our site and participate in the sifting project. MK Kabel is the first MK to partake in the sifting. He said that he…
Dumped Temple Mount soil

More Archaeological Destruction on the Temple Mount

Last Sunday Waqf officials used a tractor to dig an 80m long ditch on the  Temple Mount platform, in order to install new electricity lines. The trench depth varies from 50 – 100 cm deep. During the excavation, grey earth, which indicates…