bone playing piece
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Find of the Month: It’s All Fun and Games! – Bar Yosef Family

Family finds bone astragolos from the game knucklebones at the Sifting Project! Find of the Month!
enigmatic ball-shaped find
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Let’s Play A Game

Name That Find! Write your answers and stay tuned for next week's post with the answer!
Modern bracelet found in the sifting - looking for owner

Help Find the Owner!

Gold Bracelet Lost on Temple Mount. Share to Find Owner.
Herod's quilt

Inspiring Supporters

BAR reader makes quilt from Temple Mount floor patterns reconstructed by the Sifting Project
Figurine fragment or Naya Korshaya

Find of the Month: Figurine Fragment – Or & Naya Korshaya

Two sisters found the leg of an Iron Age figurine at the Temple Mount Sifting Project.
pearl bead and square mother of pearl inlay both found on the same day
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Find of the Month: Mother of Pearl Bead and Inlay – Eitan & Amichai Strik

Two brothers find a mother of pearl bead and inlay. Mother of pearl pictures and history. What's it doing on the Temple Mount?
Star design Opus Sectile floor tile
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A Letter from Dr. Ron Beals Sharing his Experience in the Sifting Project

Temple Mount Sifting Project By Dr. Ron Beals, Volunteer January 6, 2009 Jerusalem Israel While many people consider Monday a “blue day” this past one (yesterday) was utterly tremendous. It was a very cool (30° F) morning as I set…
Labor party secretary MK Eitan Kabel at the sifting

First Knesset Member to Sift the Earth of the Temple Mount

Last Wednesday, we had a very surprising visit from Labor party secretary, MK Eitan Kabel, who came with his family  to see our site and participate in the sifting project. MK Kabel is the first MK to partake in the sifting. He said that he…