Egyptian amulet
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Rare Egyptian Amulet Bearing Name of Ancient Pharaoh Found in Earth Discarded from Temple Mount

As the Jewish holiday of Passover quickly approaches, we have has released new information about an amazing find: an amulet bearing the name of Egyptian King Thutmose III. Our story is being shared by news agencies across the world including…
Working on pottery research
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We Need Your Support In Order to Go On with the Research

With only 30 days are left in our crowd funding campaign, we need your full support. Please donate your symbolic half-shekel so we can continue our research. Click Here to Donate. Later this month we are will be publishing two new discoveries…
Haaretz heading - Uncovering Jerusalems History in the Rubble of Temple Mount

Recent Appearances in the Media and More Responses to NY Times Temple Denial Article

The 10th century BCE Seal and additional finds dating to this period have received wide coverage in the media. First the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Ynet published the story, and it was then picked up by many other websites. In particular…
Silver half-shekel coin with tripe-pomegranate cluster motive

A Campaign for Publishing the TMSP to the World

Dear Friends, This video is about a story that is relevant to each one of you. It is a story of universal significance. It is the story of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, of antiquities buried in soil, and the unique archaeological project for…
Nuba Arabic inscription on wall

Translators to Arabic and Korean

In about two weeks we are going to launch a new crowd funding website to support the research and publication of the more than half a million archaeological finds from the Temple Mount that we have uncovered so far. In addition to the funding…
Opus Sectile floor revealed under a carpet on the Dome of the Rock
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New Information from the Exposed Floors of the Dome of the Rock

The carpets of the Dome of the Rock and Solomon's Stables were recently replaced. Pictures that were taken this week of the exposed floor of the Dome of the Rock and the cave beneath it revealed new fascinating information. Some old tiles were…
Gabi Barkai and Zachi Dvira checking artifacts on-site

Speaking Engagements in Our Upcoming tour to the U.S.A.

We would appreciate it very much if any of you could mediate us with communities in the U.S. that would like to invite us to speak about our the Temple Mount Sifting Project in our upcoming tour to the U.S. You may use the information below: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archaeologists…
Snapshot of the Half-Shekel web site

Searching for Volunteers to Translate text into Variety of Languages

We are searching for volunteers for translating English text into a variety of language, for a new crowd funding website. Its about 4000 words. More languages the website will be available in, the wider international awareness to the project…
Jewlry finds from the sifting
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Update on Recent Developments at the Sifting Project

The number of visitors/volunteers at the Sifting Project has been increasing year by year and also the volume of the material that has been sifted. To date we have sifted about half of the debris that is on hand. This means that we have at least…
Temple Mount Sifting Project logo

Response to Article in Times of Israel

Last Friday, an article was published in the Times of Israel, a news site popular among American Jews. We were saddened to see that even though we spent a great deal of effort informing the reporter, Ilan Ben Zion, about the significance…
Many hands sifting together

The End of the Sifting for the Prevalent Finds

Three weeks ago we finished sifting the soil from area KI4, and in the coming days we will be finishing the preliminary sorting and registering of the finds from this area. Finishing the sifting of this area was very meaningful because it…
National Geographic article Excavation Impossible

Appearance in National Geographic

The latest November issue of National Geographic has a section that deals with artifacts that were retrieved from sites where it was not possible to excavate them. The TMSP had a very respectful appearance in this section as the first site mentioned…