Article in the Smithsonian Magazine

The Smithsonian Magazine has published and long article about the project. There are mistakes and misunderstandings in the article. Important issues were not mentioned while other non-relevant political issues where emphasized. Nevertheless,…

We need your help for the anlysis and publication of the TMSP finds

When we began the Temple Mount Sifting Project five years ago, we had no idea what was ahead of us. We did not understand the enormous amount of work that would be necessary to extract archaeological information from the tons of haphazardly…

Independence Day Annual International Bible Quiz

Yesterday we appeared on the Independence Day Annual International Bible Quiz. One of the questions was based on the Son of Imer Bulla we have found. Here is the scene:

First Temple Dump from the Temple Mount Slopes To be Sifted at the Sifting Project

 Last Wednesday we transferred two truckloads of dirt, possibly remains of First and Second Temple garbage dumps, to our sifting site in Emek Zurim Park. On the eastern slopes of the Temple Mount, in the area beneath the Ophel Street, there…